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    Welcome to the webpage of the Heilbronn-Franken region

    The Region: City - Country - River
    Arriving and Feeling Comfortable

    Heilbronn-Franken is one of the most multi-faceted regions in Germany!

    We are at home here – and perhaps you will be soon, too?!
    Heilbronn-Franken is a diverse, colorful region with great natural beauty and many cultural attractions. This is complemented by Hohenlohe a region for bon vivants, the wine region of Heilbronn, the vacation area "Lovely Tauber Valley" or the romantic culture of the Schwäbisch Hall district.

    Even if all partial regions exhibit their own culture and social identity, they have one thing in common: the "Swabian-Franconian character" – but that is famously inclusive. Down-to-earth mentality, frugality, hard work – these are the characteristics that are generally attributed to the Swabian. Whoever looks more closely, will also discover something completely different: with their Franconian-Swabian dialects, the population loves conviviality, has a great sense of humor and still has their ancestors' inventor genes. It is precisely these advantages that characterize the region's economic and social life.

    A culture that welcomes people in search of new perspectives and a new homeland.

    Heilbronn-Franken: ideal region for living and working central location, many professional opportunities, low cost of living, a string of cultural jewels: fortresses, castles, cloisters and museums, many options for sports in the fresh air – which makes life attractive for singles and families in Heilbronn-Franken.

    But see for yourself what the Heilbronn-Franken region has to offer!

    We hope that you enjoy browsing and looking for information on our webpage.
    If you have questions or suggestions, you are welcome to contact us by telephone or by e-mail.

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