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    Dual Educational System and Dual Courses of Study in Heilbronn-Franken

    Dual Educational System in Heilbronn-Franken

    Whoever decides on a dual professional training is right on track in our region: in 2011 more than 4,800 apprentices began professional training in a commercial or technical career, while 2,000 apprentices decided on training in one of the numerous handicraft business in the region.

    As a rule, a dual training last for three years.  During these three years the necessary practical skills are learned in the apprenticing company, while the professional schools provide the required theoretical and technical knowledge. In most apprenticing professions, professional school training is held once a week.  In special apprenticing professions, such as, e.g., in the training as a lumberjack, block training sessions are held over several weeks.

    Dual Courses of Study in Heilbronn-Franken

    In the dual courses of study two partners perform educational tasks: at the dual colleges and universities, it is above all the theoretical, scientific, specialized knowledge that is provided. The apprenticing business is responsible for providing the practical contents in the apprentice profession.  As a rule the dual course of studies lasts for three years, during which time the apprentices go back and forth between the apprenticing business to the university every 12 weeks.

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