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    Location factors: hard facts and soft data

    10 reasons – the region as a place for living and working:

    1. High salary level – Residents of Heilbronn earn the most. Income statistics demonstrate that employers in the Heilbronn-Franken region pay a good salary. Both top billionaires Schwarz and Würth are positioned on the new ranking of "Manager Magazins" among the Top 10.

    2. Best entry-level- and development opportunities with established hidden champions, global players and global market leading companies.  Together with our numerous medium-sized businesses and strong trades, our region is a continual motor for growth in Baden-Württemberg.

    3. A diverse cultural landscape with high quality of life and numerous recreational activities offer people of all ages an option to complement their daily routine. You are also welcome to spend your vacation in our region.

    4. Family-friendly is written large – numerous, in part free day-care centres, full-day preschool, family tickets for bus and train, senior citizens' home, adult education centres, sports associations, etc., etc.

    5. University studies, training and continuing education, skills: Although the region still brings up the rear today, in recent years some steps have nevertheless been taken. In addition to the four locations of Heilbronn University and two branches of the Dual University Baden-Württemberg and also the private university German Graduate School of Management & Law, there are numerous public and private professional schools, research institutions, adult education centres and institutions for continuing education.

    6. Heilbronn-Franken – a region with future prospects  The roughly 64,000 businesses is the Heilbronn-Franken region provide a diverse offering of jobs with long-term perspectives. A high share of R&D and also of Swabian inventiveness ensure innovative ideas and hence the long-term success of the companies.

    7. Affordable rental and home ownership In spite of differences in prices in the city and in the country, the region's living space remains affordable.  Whether it be the country life or city living -- there is something for every lifestyle.

    8. Mobility is written large in our region!  Whether it be by car, airplane or bus and train – the region has a transport network that is fine in all respects and very easily to reach. Three international airports outside your door, highways, ICE high-speed rail connections and light rail… to give only some examples.

    9. Heilbronn-Franken -- a region for bon vivants There is scarcely another region where you will find this sort of diversity when it comes to eating and drinking. Everything is grown right in front of your door! Whether it is ecological or conventional food, the producers in our region place a high value on quality and taste.

    10. The region and its people  The people of this region are generally said to be hard-working, highly motivated and punctual; our dialects make many smile. But that is far from everything that set the people here apart from the rest: recognition, open-mindedness, perseverance, equanimity and sense of humour are character traits of the people in our region.

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