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    Wirtschaftsregion Heilbronn-Franken GmbH (WHF) concentrates the regional business promotion activities, and it is your contact person and coordinator for business promotion and location marketing matters for the Heilbronn-Franken region.  Another main focus of our activity is to support our companies in recruitment of qualified personnel by drawing attention to the outstanding conditions for living and working in the Heilbronn-Franken region. For this purpose we cultivate a close-knit network with universities outside of the region, but we also campaign for further development of educational options in Heilbronn-Franken.

    The essential goal of the location marketing is to make the region better known beyond its borders; this means the presentation of the region should make people aware of and enthusiastic about the region.  Part and parcel of this is a stronger community spirit in the region, which we support with intense networking activity. We are service providers for businesses, municipalities and institutions.

    WHF supports the development of the economic region Heilbronn-Franken with numerous projects and initiatives, and it markets the region's strong points inside and outside of the region.

    These projects and initiatives target the needs of businesses and municipalities. WHF cooperates closely in performing its mission with municipal partners, with both parliamentary chambers in the region and also with the Heilbronn-Franken Regional Association.

    Wirtschaftsregion Heilbronn-Franken GmbH | Weipertstraße 8-10 | 74076 Heilbronn | Telefon 0049 - 7131-7669-860


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