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    In the Heilbronn-Franken region, all indicators point to growth and future. Nowhere in Germany are their more global market leaders than in our booming, successful region. And nowhere else in Baden-Württemberg were more new jobs created in the last decade. Take a glance at the dynamic of our congenial and family-friendly region of Heilbronn-Franken. 

    Regiojobs24.de provides a daily analysis of the first-class career offerings from successful regional businesses. Here interesting job offers for college graduates, people with professional experience, entry-level personnel, interns and senior thesis writers are presented in a clear arrangement and updated daily.

    In the clearly arranged job search, you can reach the job openings and the companies' career portals easily by direct links. In addition you will benefit from the easy-to-handle database.

    Roughly 40,000 visitors such as students, interns, head-hunters, businesses, and HR service providers already use this attractive online service each month in order to secure the best overview of the regional employment market in Heilbronn-Franken.

    Be the next to take advantage of the region's free array of services and give yourself the best opportunities for the future.

    Instructions for job-seekers

    Are you looking for a job, an internship or a topic for your senior thesis?

    With regionjobs24 you can find your dream job easily this way:

    1. Start your Internet browser and select www.regiojobs24.de
    2. Click on "select jobs in the region"
    3. Now you can make a selection between:
      a.      Employer
      b.      Job location
      c.      Recently updated
    4. Now you can print out a short description of the job offer or send it by e-mail

    Note: in the beginning summary if you click on "Job links to regional businesses", you will reach the career portal of your desired business. Good luck!

    Instructions for job-advertisers

    Would you like to offer a job, an internship or a topic for a senior thesis?

    You can if you meet the following prerequisites:

    • Your corporate seat is in the Heilbronn-Franken region
    • Your job offer refers to the region and describes a position for which a university degree is necessary
    • The job offer is also registered on your own career portal

    With regiojobs24.de you can upload your job advertisement easily this way:

    1. Start your  Internet browser and select www.regiojobs24.de
    2. Click on "input available jobs online" (upper right)
    3. Now you can enter the open position in the form
    4. To upload the position click on "enter job offer"

    Note: if the format is not received correctly, we take care of that automatically. Uploaded positions are active for 4 weeks. An extension for another 4 weeks is possible. Good luck!

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