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    Living in Heilbronn-Franken

    Heilbronn-Franken – Cultural and recreational region

    Get to know the Heilbronn-Franken region from the historic and cultural perspective. Numerous fortresses and castles together with churches and monasteries offer insight into the region's history. Theatres, open air performances and cinemas are also on hand and contribute to the cultural offerings. In addition, the most diverse sorts of museums, galleries and bookshops invite visitors to linger.  The Heilbronn-Franken region is an impressive cultural landscape with living traditions with distinctive historical cityscapes and architectural monuments from the middle ages and the early modern period. The Old Towns of Bad Wimpfen, Schwäbisch Hall and Wertheim are famous far beyond the regional borders, and they draw thousands of visitors.

    Whether it be for adults or children, the Heilbronn-Franken region has something to offer in the way of recreational activities. There is a full supply of fun and action, whether at the recreational park, the zoo, the swimming lake or the miniature golf course. For more relaxed recreation, there are hiking and bike paths, bike rental and plenty of sights to see. In addition to cosy hotels, inns and guesthouses, you can choose among a series of camping sites and caravan sites. Heilbronn-Franken is a region of conviviality. Numerous wine festivals, street festivals and folk festivals, together with carnivals and other celebrations offer a context for distinctive experiences.

    Shopping fans will also get their money's worth with us. You are offered a great variety of shopping options from large shopping malls and villages, such as for example the Wertheim Village, to popular city centres to factory outlets. The numerous direct marketers with their regional specialties are also outstanding.

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